Win Prizes!

Every year we give away prizes for the biggest fish caught on our lures. 
Check out the leader boards and see where you stand.

Winning a Prize:
Prize winning is instant. If your catch beats any of the top 3 catches on the leader board you win the prize for the position and we send you a prize.

Fill out the form here or contact us and we will work with you to get your catch registered. 
Whatsapp or phone: 318-277-0400


1st Place 1 x Evolution Lures Shirt, 2 x Sticker, 6 Pack of larger mixed lures with bag
2nd Place 1 x Evolution Lures Shirt, 2 x Sticker, 4 Pack of mixed lures with bag
3rd Place 1 x Evolution Lures Shirt, 2 x Sticker, 3 Pack of mixed lures with bag

Competition rules:
Contestants must submit a clear photo with one of our lures in the fish's mouth and the angler and the fish's weight.

Current Standings

Angler Name

 Species Weight Lure Date
1. Benjamin Lane Black Marlin 251.32lb King Killer Apr/30/20
2. Adam McGeorge Blue Marlin 187.39lb Mr. Frothy Head Nov/25/22
3. Jai Sha Yellowfin Tuna 154.32lb King Killer Nov/23/21


Ben's Black Marlin

Adam's Blue Marlin

Jai's Yellowfin Tuna