Cyclops GoggleEye 6" Saltwater Offshore Trolling Lures 3 pack

Cyclops GoggleEye 6.5" Saltwater Offshore Trolling Lures

Bulb shaped head channels air and water through the head and around the skirt creating bubbles and stability in most conditions. Large highly reflective 3D eyes standout and look life like. A great lure for all spread positions.

  • Mustad 8/0 Stainless hook
  • 8ft 150lb Mono Leader
  • Chafe Protectors
  • Copper Crimps
  • Dual skirted with rubber skirt and mylar underskirt
  • Best trolled at 4 to 10 knots 
  • Tough Rubber Heads
  • Embedded weight adds stability at higher speeds.
  • Total Length 6.5"
  • Total Weight 1.6oz (43g)

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