Cyclops 2.2" Hard Rubber Offshore Trolling Heads (4 Pack)

You can build your own offshore fishing lures with our tough rubber heads. 

Easily fits most 8" - 10" rubber squid skirts.

Our tough rubber heads can stand up to repeated strikes, but are also soft enough to feel real when a fish strikes. These heads are designed to have the skirts directly glued on for a sleek look or reverse tied with waxed line in the traditional manor.

  • 3D Holographic Eyes change color in different lighting conditions.
  • Hard TPU rubber head weight: .5oz
  • Total length: 54.6mm (2.2")
  • Head length: 23mm (1.24")
  • Skirt area diameter 20mm
  • Head diameter 29mm

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    Hard Rubber

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