Cyclops Baller 6.5" Light Venturi Trolling Lure

Cyclops Baller 6.5" Light Venturi Trolling Lure is an evolution of our cyclops lure that's specifically designed to run with ballyhoo. The unweighted head gives it a great plunging effect when trolled and the specially designed head vents add stability without the extra weight.

  • Can be trolled up to 6 knots or more with added weight.
  • Tough rubber head.
  • Skirt: UV Nylon
  • Bright protruding goggle eye unless specified.
  • Holographic flash material adds an extra level of attractiveness and visibility.
  • Total Weight: 26gr (.91 ounces)
  • Unrigged unless specified

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Tough Rubber

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6.5 in

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