Ruckus Snap 1.27" Offshore Trolling Heads

With Ruckus Snap 1.27" Offshore Trolling Heads you can build your own custom seawitch lures with our offshore trolling lure heads. Tie on any length hair. Each head comes with a separate snap in foot. The foot can be easily glued in for permanent positioning or left unglued for hot swappable skirts.

  • 3D Reflective Eyes
  • Tough Rubber Head
  • Weight: .46oz (13g)
  • Head length: 33mm (1.3")
  • Head diameter 26mm

An example of what can be done (5.5" Ruckus Snap)

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    Tough Rubber

    Number in Pack


    Item Dimensions

    1.27 in

    Item Weight


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