About Us

Evolution Lures is an American company that makes offshore trolling lures and lure heads for all types of saltwater fishing. We use a mix of advanced and traditional technology to produce innovative lure designs that are truly unique.

Sailfish Evolution Lures Jessie Williams Jr
While living on the East African coast, access to some of the world's most sought after game fish were only a 10 minute boat ride away. Most of the fish in the area were huge, tackle was quick to lose and hard to come by. I recall one day when wahoo took 5 of my precious Iland Lures that were brought from the US. Soon I began hand making my own lures out of sheer need, and after a few adjustments I was catching more and better fish than the store bought lures. After leaving Africa I started Evolution lures using the knowledge I had gained both as a fisherman and software developer of 18 years.