Venturi S 3.5 Vented Chugger Offshore Trolling Lure Head

You can build your own offshore fishing lures with our heads. 

Fits most 10" - 12" rubber squid skirts.

This lure is specially design with vents that cause it to naturally keel and maintain stability. The cupped open mouth and vented gills make an excellent bubble trail when trolled on on the short riggers.

  • 3D Holographic Eyes change color in different lighting conditions.
  • Hard plastic head weight: 29gr (1oz)
  • Total length: 63mm (2.5")
  • Head length: 37mm (1.46")
  • Skirt area diameter: Smaller: 26mm  Larger: 28mm
  • Head diameter  1.47" (37mm)
  • Weight 1oz (28g)
  • S3.5 Size

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    Hard Plastic

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