BigPlunge S3 Medium Offshore Trolling Lure Head

BigPlunge S3 Medium Offshore Trolling Lure Head is designed for maximum attraction when trolling offshore. Its a tapered slant and it makes an explosive smoker trail that fish can't resist.

Good on the outrigger, tag, or short center position.

S3 size fits most "8 - 10" rubber squid skirts. 


  • 3D Holographic Eyes
  • Ultra Tough rubberized head
  • Weight: 1.87oz
  • Total length: 70mm (2.8")
  • Head length: 47mm (1.86")
  • Foot diameter: Smaller: 20mm Larger: 22m (designed to glue on skirt)
  • Head diameter: 27mm (1")
  • S3 Foot Size
  • Can take up to 400lb mono

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