4 pack Devilfish 1.5" Hard Rubber Offshore Trolling Heads

Our 4 pack of Devilfish Hard Rubber Offshore Trolling Heads are perfect for your next fishing trip. At 1.5" in length each, their design creates an enticing action in the water to attract fish. With a durable, heavy-duty rubber construction, you can be sure of a long-lasting lure for your next big catch.

This classic easy trolling chugger head is versatile and can be run in any position.  

You can build your own lures with our tough TPU rubber heads. These heads are virtually indestructible and will stand up strike after strike. The foot design on these heads can accommodate 1 standard 6" squid skirt glued directly on or 2 skirts tied on using traditional methods.

Check out our pre-rigged Devilfish lures to see some of the possibilities.

Fits most 6" - 7" rubber squid skirts. 

  • 3D Holographic Eyes
  • Weight: .32oz
  • Total length: 39mm (1.5")
  • Head length: 20mm (.80")
  • Skirt area diameter 18 mm
  • Head diameter 20.2

Devilfish head dual skirt

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