Mr. Gutsy S3 2.4" Saltwater Trolling Head

The Mr. Gutsy S3 2.4" Saltwater Trolling Head is a perfectly balanced all around vented chug. It has 4 jetted holes in the front of a tapered chugger style head. Is super stable and trolls great on all positions and speeds.

Build your own trolling lures with infinite skirt combinations. 

Ideal for most 8" - 10" skirts or vinyl

  • Tough Rubber Head
  • Deep 3D Holographic Eyes
  • Weight: 1.83oz (52gr)
  • Total length: 2.4" (61mm)
  • Diameter 1.35" 34(mm)
  • Skirt Diameter S3: Smaller: .84" : Larger: .88"

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    Hard Plastic

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    3.5 in

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