Pemba Shaker S5 4"

The Pemba Shaker S5 4" was born in Pemba Africa and is specifically designed to create wild action. Its slanted face and belly weight help deliver a constant rattle, perfect for targeting larger palagics. Experience stability with any speed or condition. Best trolled on the tags or flats.

Ideal for most 14" - 16" skirts or vinyl

  • Hard Plastic Head
  • Super Deep 3D Holographic Eyes
  • Weight: 6.7oz (190gr)
  • Total length: 4" (101mm) without hookstop
  • Diameter 2" 50(mm)
  • Skirt Diameter: Smaller: 1.1" : 1.5"
  • Interchangeable foot system
  • Comes with snap in hooklock

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