Ruckus 2.2" Vented Offshore Trolling Chugger Head

The Ruckus 2.2" Vented Offshore Trolling Chugger Head is the perfect lure for offshore trolling. This vented chugger features an amazing smoke trail, keel-weighted design, and big eye for maximum attraction and effectiveness. The unique design helps to entice fish from farther away and is perfect in all trolling positions.

You can build your own lures with our offshore trolling lure heads. Easily fits most "8 - 10" rubber squid skirts. 

  • Keel Weighted
  • 3D Holographic Eyes
  • Plastic head
  • Weight: .60oz
  • Total length: 53mm (2")
  • Head length: 33mm (1.3")
  • Skirt area diameter: 20mm
  • Head diameter: 26mm

Ruckus 2.2" Head


Works great with our 10" Skirts

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